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Thursday, November 8, 2012

On the “Angry White Men” Syndrome 
I keep hearing and reading that the Romney/Ryan ticket lost the election because there weren't "enough angry White men," "single women just will not vote for Republicans," 'married women vote Republican because they tend to follow their husband's lead and he votes Republican,' and "too many people voted for the man who would take stuff from others and give it to them - entitlements," etc., etc.  Why should the decision for what I choose to do with my body be made by a bunch of "angry White men" who has nothing left in his life to be passionate about except deciding what I, or my daughter, can and cannot do with my body; and whom I, or my son or daughter, should marry, etc.?  As for people taking stuff from others?  Well, let see now,

1.  Many, many, many years ago bunch of White (sic) people decided to establish a new country and rule it.  It doesn't matter that in establishing that new country they took stuff from the people who were native - Native Americans - to the land and appropriated it as their own.

2.  Those White people needed somebody to work that land, build their homes, build their business, etc., so they stole/kidnapped some Black people (a part of my ancestry) from another land, Africa, and brought them to this land.

3.  They sold those Black people to other White people, making a profit from the sale.

4.  In the meantime, the White people had started calling the Native people "savages" because they had started fighting to keep additional land that the White people was trying to take from them.

5.  After buying the Black people the White people treated, and thought of, them less than human - censused them lower than the hogs because the Black people were now their property.

6.  The White people forced the Black people to work without pay; fed the Black people, in some instances, scraps to eat; BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE BLACK PEOPLE, if they dared to balk at the treatment; made the Black people disavow the name their parents had christened them with before they were stolen - forcing them to respond only to the name the White people gave them; raped the Black women and impregnated them with their sperm so they would have a lighter skinned Black person; made the Black people work the land that had been stolen; and, sold the produce, etc., produced on the stolen land, for a profit.

7.  When the White people gained more land they needed more Black people to work that land so they decided that the Black man they had named Tobey, or Ben, would have sex with the woman they had named Cate, or Mary.

8.  When an offspring was produced by that Black man and that Black woman, the child was put to work as soon as they could manipulate their feet and hands reasonably.

9.  This Black man and Black woman was mated together frequently to produce additional offspring.

10. When the White people needed more money they sold some of the Black people to various other White people.

11. When any Black person dared to voice an opinion they were beaten and maimed - loss of foot, hand, etc.

12. The White people refused to allow the Black people to learn to read or write - obtain an education.

This behavior went on for many, many years.  Then a White man decided that this was cruel treatment of these Black people.  So some White men decided to fight over the situation – the Civil War.  A White man declared that this treatment - slavery - was wrong and freed the Black people.  The white people who disagreed fought other White people to keep the Black people as slaves.  So the war went on for some.  Some Black people managed to escape the hardship and headed north.  Many of them were captured by angry and greedy White men and returned to the original White people, usually a man, beaten, classified as a runner, and eventually sold to another White man or, occasionally, a White woman who also thought of the Black people as slaves and property or chattel.

Eventually the Black people were given their freedom but some White people still thought they were less than human so segreation entered the land.  Since black people were considered uneducated and ignorant they could not have the same rights as the White people.  Apparently, the White people forgot they didn’t allow the Black people to gain an education

Then came the Civil Rights Movement.  This was supposed make things as equal for the Black people as they were for the White people.  Enter the "angry White men" - the Klu Klux Klan.  Black people were jailed for just about anything and lynched for just about anything – trial not necessarily needed.  All of this could occur just on the word of an "angry White man."  Affirmative Action entered the picture and made things a bit better for the Black people – somewhat, equal access to housing, education, jobs, etc.  The Black people still earned much less than the White people did.

So, here we are at 2012.  Voter suppression seems to be on the way back into the picture.  No poll taxes this time - JUST MAKING IT HARDER FOR MINORITIES TO VOTE.  This time around it is to suppress the vote of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos, Puerto Ricans, etc.  Native American status has been elevated, as has that of Cuban Americans, but still somewhat rejected.

So, the stolen land is now a country known as the United States of America.  There is what is known as a Constitution in this country.  According to that Constitution I have the same rights to make decisions as those "angry White men."  I can make my own decisions about my body.  You keep implying that the Black and Latino people voted for President Obama so they could get their welfare checks and food stamps.  As for those entitlements - (2012) food stamp recipients are 37.2 percent Black and 46.2 percent White; Medicaid benefits are paid to 27.5 percent Black recipients; 48.5 percent White recipients; and, 35.4 million people receive Social Security or disability (88.7 percent are White and 9.6 percent are Black).  Statistically, the life expectancy rate for Blacks is six years shorter than that of Whites, which means that Black workers spend many years paying into a retirement system only to have White retirees reap the benefits for a longer time.  So, for the pundits who feel that the only reason Barack Obama was elected to the presidency a second time was because there weren't "enough angry White men," what do you need the angry White man to do?  I have news for you people.  There is going to be fewer and fewer White people in charge of anything because the demographics of the country is fast changing for us all - more Hispanics, more Asians, more Africans, more others.  GET USED TO IT!!!

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